Labour migration and contours of agricultural change in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe

Date(s) - 09/06/2022
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Since 2019, the University of Birmingham has been involved in two parallel research projects on the relationship between migration and agricultural change. The first is AGRUMIG, Migration governance and agricultural & rural change in ‘home’ communities: comparative experience from Europe, Asia and Africa (working in China, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Morocco, Nepal and Thailand). The second is MIGCHOICE, which is funded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) (working in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea). MIGCHOICE, led by Professor Richard Black, investigates the connection between development interventions and migration in and out of West Africa (Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea), focusing on the dynamics of migration decision making.

There are some interesting cross overs between the AGRUMIG and the MIGCHOICE project related to our analysis of complex migration drivers, and the purpose of this workshop was to bring together the two consortiums to share our findings, while identifying synergies in learnings, and opportunities for future research. The workshop disseminated findings from across the two projects in Kyrgyzstan, Guinea, Gambia, China, Senegal and Moldova. The event was a unique opportunity to build upon the strengths of two multi-country consortiums, pursuing research in closely related fields.


Time Item
14.00 – 14.20 Welcome and background to AGRUMIG project, Fraser Sugden. Introduction to MIGCHOICE project – Richard Black, University of Birmingham
14.20 – 14.40 Migration and agricultural change in Kyrgyzstan, Asel Murzakulova
14.40 – 15.00 Elia Vitturini/ Alice Bellagamba – MIGCHOICE Gambia case study
15.00 – 15.20 Migration and agricultural change in Moldova, Francesca Crivellaro
15.20 – 15.40 MIGCOICE Senegal case study, Dramane CISSOKHO
15.40 – 16.00 Migration and agricultural change in Guinea (Ester Botta)
16.00 – 16.20 Migration and agricultural change in Nepal (Fraser Sugden)
16.20 – 17.00 Discussion of key learnings

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