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Papers published and accepted

1.  Migration and COVID-19: Challenges and Policy Responses in Kyrgyzstan. 

Authors: Irina Kuznetsova, UoB, Roman Mogilevskii, UCA, Asel Murzakulova, UCA, Aigoul Abdoubaetova, OSCE Academy, Alexander Wolters, OSCE Academy, John Round, UoB

Journal/Book: Laruellel, M., Radjabov, B. COVID-19 PANDEMIC AND CENTRAL ASIA: Crisis Management, Economic Impact, and Social Transformations. Central Asia Program, The George Washington University. ISBN: 978-0-9996214-6-2 – pp. 149-158.

Year: 2021           Open access: Yes

2. Mechanization and efficiency in rice production in China

Authors: SHI Min SCAU, Krishna P. PAUDEL, CHEN Feng-bo SCAU 

Journal/Book: Journal of Integrative Agriculture

Year: 2021 20 (7)           Open access: Yes

3. Examining migration governance: evidence of rising insecurities due to COVID 19 in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Authors: Asel Muzakulova UCA Mengistu Dessalegn IWMI Neelambari Phalkey UoB

Journal/Book: Comparative Migration Studies

Year: (2021) 9:44           Open access: Yes

4. Speaking to the Hearts and Minds of Potential Migrants and Refugees: Disciplining aspirations through migration information campaigns

Authors: Raffaella Pagogna UNIVIE Patrick Sakdapolrak UNIVIE

Journal/Book: Geography Compass

Year: 2021 Vol 15, No7           Open access: Yes

5. An Economic Assessment of Adoption of Hybrid Rice: Micro-level Evidence from southern China

Authors: Zedong Yan, Fengbo Chen SCAU, Ashok Mishra, Wenbiao Sha

Journal/Book: Frontiers in sustainable food systems.

Year: 6:1066657           Open access: Yes

6. How migration information campaigns shape local perceptions and discourses of migration in Harar city, Ethiopia

Authors: Raffaella Pagogna UNIVIE, Patrick Sakdapolrak UNIVIE

Journal/Book: International Migration

Year: 2023;00:1–14.           Open access: Yes

7. A Critical Examination of Rural Out-Migration Studies in Ethiopia: Considering Impacts on Agriculture in the Sending Communities

Authors: Mengistu Dessalegn IWMI, Liza Debevec, Alan Nicol IWMI, and Eva Ludi IWMI

Journal/Book: Land

Year: 2023, 12, 176           Open access: Yes

8. Le lien migration et développement. Etude de cas dans le Tadla, la Haute Moulouya et Figuig

Authors: Mohammed Aderghal UMV, Lahoucine Amzil UMV 

Journal/Book: Chapitre 13 in: Migration et développement. Etudes de cas dans le Tadla, la Haute Moulouya et Figuig .  Mohamed Berriane (Ed.)  Marocains de l’extérieur – 2021, Editions Fondation Hassan II pour les Marocains de l’Extérieur

Year: Book is online           Open access: Yes

9. The Power of Apricot: Border disputes, Land scarcity and mobility in Isfara river basin

Authors: Asel Murzakulova UCA

Journal/Book: Book chapter in “Environmental Humanities in Central Asia” Routledge 2023

Year: Book chapter is online           Open access: Yes

10. Has immobility been left behind in migration regulatory infrastructures?

Authors: Asel Murzakulova UCA, Irina Kuznetsova UoB, Roman Mogilevskii,

Journal/Book: International Migration

Year: Accepted 25 August 2023          Open access: Yes

Papers submitted


11. Household Capabilities and Satisfaction with Living Conditions Shape (Im)Mobilities: A Gendered Analysis of Migration Dynamics of a Drought-Prone Area of Ethiopia

Authors: Marion Borderon UNIVIE, Laurence Reboul, Nega Assefa HARAMAYA Merga Deresa HARAMAYA, Yoann Doignon, Patrick Sakdapolrak UNIVIE, Harald Sterly UNIVIE

Journal/Book: Submitted to World Development  (under review)

Year: Submitted 28 April 2023 (first submitted 2 June 2022)          Open access: Yes

12. Who stands to gain? State and international policies to turn remittances into rural development in the Republic of Moldova

Authors: Francesca Crivellaro .UNIBO and Matteo Vittuari UNIBO

Journal/Book: Journal of Peasant Studies

Year: Submitted 23 January 2023          Open access: Yes

13. Beyond remittances: the role of migration in livelihood diversification of rural households in the Republic of Moldova

Authors: Matteo Masotti UNIBO, Andrei Turlea UNIBO and Matteo Vittuari UNIBO

Journal/Book: International Journal of Rural Management 

Year: Submitted 30 January 2023          Open access: Yes


Submitted and published after administrative end of the project

14. Unpacking Youth Engagement in Agriculture in the Rural South: Insights from Nepal. Submitted to World Development

Authors: R. Suman, F. Sugden UoB, and A. Kharel CESLAM,

Journal/Book: World Development

Year: Submitted June 2023           Open access: Yes

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